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   bird - 2019

Bluebird had its premiere on April 1st, as the opening act of the Spring Festival 2019! This means the Bluebird chapter is closed for now, but by pressing the button below you can check out the video of the performance, read more about Bluebird, and have a look at the pictures taken during our premiere.


Who are we? 





We are a young artist collective based in The Hague (The Netherlands) consisting of a composer, a choreographer and a producer. We create immersive performances in which your senses will lead you through a journey of the human psyche. 


The D.N.A collective was formally established after a succesfull collaboratively created mini-opera 'Harrison', that had its premiere during the Spring Festival The Hague in April 2018. D.N.A consists of Domenic Jarlkaganova (the artistic director and composer of the collective), Ana F. Costa (the choreographer) and Nina van Rossem (the production manager), and always seeks to work together with creators in other fields as well.








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