At Sea (2020)

Set during war.


A team of naval officers and seamen are laying low in a submarine before a battle in enemy territory, waiting for contact from the home front on the next plan of action.  They stand-by a long time without any response, and through their anxious wait, they, one by one, begin to smell something burning. Searching through all of their cabins and rooms, they cannot find any reason why it is so, yet the smell is getting stronger.

As more and more officers begin to be paranoid over sitting still and doing nothing - and with the sense of fear at their backs - they start to argue over what might be happening (is it just paranoia? Are they being attacked?) and what their next step should be. In the end, they can either pull together, or allow themselves to be ripped apart by doubt.

performance dates

Open Final: 24th of April 2020

Premiere: 25th of April 2020

People involved

For 'At Sea', D.N.A invites three guest-composers and one guest-choreographer to develop work for the 'hallucination scenes' and collaborates closely with light-technicians and a costume designer to get the most out of the visual illusions that play a substantial role in 'At Sea'. All creators and performers involved are young recent graduates or professionals (age 20-30).

Creative Team

Main composer:

Domenic Jarlkaganova (Canada)

Guest composers:

Thanakan Schofield (Thailand), Sebastiano Evangelista (Italy), and Patrick Ellis (U.K.)​


Main choreographer

Ana Francisca Costa (Portugal)​


Second choreographer :

Yet to be determined


Production manager:

Nina van Rossem (The Netherlands)

Performative Team


Hodiernal Quartet​


Ten dancers:

Yet to be determined


Audio tech team:

Sound engineering ('Art of Sound') students within the Royal Conservatory of the Hague


Lighting design team:

Erik Brinkhorst and Joep de Jong