Harrison (2018)

In parallel to the narrative of the 1961 story, Harrison follows the imagining of a process of super-oppression to a society for a united utopian vision.


If one stands out, then all must stand out


As a fight against the regression into the psyche, disconnecting and shielding themselves from the world, people are forced to either stand out along with all others, or suppress and silence

everyone else along with them.​


George and Hazel Bergeron have a son, Harrison, taken away at 14 by the government, being considered too talented for society.

His father, George Bergeron is of above-average intelligence, so he's had a radio implanted in his ear releasing piercing sirens, crashes,  to hinder his thought process.


(His wife, Hazel, on the other hand, is spectacularly average, wearing no handicaps.)


One night in 2018, the Bergerons are sitting in front of the TV watching ballet— ballerinas wearing masks to hide their beauty and weighted bags to break their grace and strength.

Urgent news interrupt the ballet on the television: Harrison Bergeron has escaped!


Harrison himself appears on the television screen, declaring himself Emperor and taking one of the ballerinas as his Empress. They  fly through the air, kiss the ceiling, then kiss each other.


There is a gunshot



George had gone to get a beer, so it appears he missed the whole thing. Hazel cries, but soon can't remember why. Life quickly returns to normal.

Video: Irene Charlotte and Erik Adamson


The Creators:

Domenic Jarlkaganova - Music and Direction Ana Francisca Costa- Choreography

Stefano Zucchini - Videography


The Performers:

Annelie Koning - Voice of the opera Elias Boersma - Movement of the opera


Supporting team:

Nina van Rossem - Production Daan Jongen and Thijs van Bemmel - Art of Sound ​

Erik Brinkhorst - Lighting Design

Photo's: Alex Schröder



As a part of the Spring Festival 2018, April 13th.

Kees van Baarenzaal, The Hague, The Netherlands.



January ... 2019

23DegreeTheatre, Montreal, Canada.


Future performances:

No performances planned.

Poster design: Yes De Jong