A conceptual space is created in which we are invited to imagine the moment before life is breathed into a being for the first time.


The anatomical bodies of creatures have been evolving through time -  with no clear path to guide their development. The last challenge before stepping through to the world of the living? To survive.


Bluebird shows the fragility of pure naivety; instinct in these beings brings forth playfulness, but also questions the importance and the birthplace of our will to survive. As a reminder of their impermanence, the presence of a blue sun - a dazzling energy - lingers above their heads, calling them.


For Bluebird, the D.N.A. collective has created an immersive experience in which the movements, sounds, senses, emotions, and thoughts of our characters will be blurred artistically through the use of dance, electronics, light, and fabric. We look to play between these media in the theatre space, as a means of narrating a story within the multidimensional mind and body.








Creative team


Composer and Creative Director:

Domenic Jarlkaganova


Ana Francisca Costa


Production Manager:
Nina van Rossem 


Costume Designer:

Mariana Anacleto, Ana Francisca Costa


Performative team


Patrícia G. Rodrigues, Emmily van Horssen, Orlando Rosado, Sergio Oñate G., Nano P. Alonso & Luciano Varela


Audio Tech Team:
Tomas Valečka


Lighting Design Team:

Erik Brinkhorst, Joep de Jong

Poster Design by:

Dünya Atay

Pictures by:

Nina van Rossem


Special Thanks: Erika Bordon and Martijn Padding – for allowing for this project to happen and nurturing the environment that allowed our performance

Bluebird (2019) - In One Act

people involved

Pictures by: Nina van Rossem